There are two main banks in Timor, Mandiri and BNU. The only credit card accepted is VISA. No other card can be used. Local fruit and vegetables can be bought from the markets. There is one service station at Aipelo on the way to Liquiça.


There are three banks in Dili, Mandiri, ANZ and BNU. There is also a BNU bank in Liquica and an ATM machine. Banks often have long queues, exchanging some money before arrival is recommended.

The climate is tropical with a wet and a dry season. The wet season is from November to May. It is usual to get afternoon storms which are refreshing and soon everything is dry again. At this time of year the country side is green and colourful with many flowering trees. The dry season is from May to October. Swimming is all year round.

There are regular flights from Australia, Bali and Singapore. The overland border from Indonesia is open during office hours.